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Got Questions?
11:46 PM
June 30th, 2012

L’Ultima Notte…

3:25 PM
June 29th, 2012

This is what a night out in Florence does to one’s favorite leopard shoes…

1:23 PM
June 29th, 2012

Last day in the apartment.

6:50 PM
June 28th, 2012

Ogni bel gioco dura poco…

…all good things come to an end.

Today I took my art history final exam, so I am done with classes here in Italy.  I have only 2 full days left, and I have no idea where the time went.  There are so many things I want to do before I go, so many places to go back and visit one last time that I don’t think I’ll have time for all of it.  First on my list is climbing to the top of Brunelleschi’s dome of the cathedral, which Emily and I are hoping to do tomorrow morning.  Tonight a group of us are going out to dinner, then doing that hike up to San Miniato one final time to have some refreshments and look down on the city we’ve all grown to love so much.  Tomorrow evening is our last time going to the Plaz- the bar below our apartments where we have all spent many a night studying and stealing the free internet when ours doesn’t work.  It’s also our last group outing with our professors, who are sponsoring “happy hour(s)” there tomorrow.

I’ve had so many great times and made some good friends here, I really don’t want to leave.  But alas… I guess I have to.

1:19 AM
June 27th, 2012

Three years ago today I was in Florence for the first time.  If you had told me then that 3 years later I would be back, I wouldn’t have believed you.  If you told me today that I won’t have been back 3 years from now, I won’t believe you.  I will be back.

11:57 AM
June 24th, 2012
I’m not sure what this was, but it was delicious!

I’m not sure what this was, but it was delicious!

12:48 AM
June 23rd, 2012

Friday, June 22nd… party in the piazza della signoria.

4:15 PM
June 22nd, 2012

This is a video from Pisa (a little late, I realize), demonstrating the acoustics of the Baptistry.  It’s amazing how there are so few people in here because all anyone knows about Pisa is the campanile (leaning tower)… they really missed a treat!


1:42 PM
June 22nd, 2012

Bought my ticket for La Traviata

Emily, Sarah, J.D., and I are going this Tuesday night to see it as a part of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Festival, recommended to us by Lawrence, our department head who is apparently a huge opera buff. Super excited!

11:14 PM
June 20th, 2012

Let’s talk about the weather…

We were so spoiled when we first got here. 65 degree days and cool nights and whatnot, and then the city of Firenze bitch slaps you with two 97 degree days and two 99 degree days in one week. Seriously? What happened?